Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Real Estate Stocks & Trusts did well in 2010 by a land slide

Real-estate stocks are poised to end the year with gains that are twice as large as the broader stock market, the second year in a row that REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) outperformed the major stock indexes.

REITs, as measured by the Dow Jones All REIT index, were up 27% as of Tuesday's close. While that is a smaller gain than last year, when REITs posted gains of 28.5%, the 2010 results handily beat the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, up 11% as of Monday's closing and Standard & Poor's 500 index, up 12.86%.

Hotel REITs posted the best performance of 19%.

Regional malls returned 11%.

Mall landlords to raise rents 2% to 3% in 2011 as large retailers begin to expand again as consumer confidence returns.

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