Saturday, October 22, 2011

Appraisals and how you can generate a better value for your home. Ten must do items.

Ten tips for high-value home appraisals .
Everything from sprucing up the house to having comps on hand for a real estate appraiser can help to increase the value an appraiser gives a property.

Spruce the house up.

Curb appeal also matters

Keep a list of all the updates

Have comps on hand.

Be mindful of peeling paint.

Focus on paint, carpet, fixtures..

Location still matters

Keep the $500 rule in mind, if your home needs repirs upto $500 do it, otherwise it counts
against you.

Also remember the concept of “effective age", after updating and condition.

Lock up Fido and Fifi.

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Source: Wall Street Journal.

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